In this installment I will install the Estop button.


Wire Estop Button

Connect two 15" wires to the C and NC lugs on the Estop button.

Connect two 15" leads to the indicator lugs on the Estop button.

The buttons used for the Estop button can be found on this page:

Additional Components


Install Estop Button

Remove the hardware from the Estop button and insert the wires into the button hole from the front of the enclosure.

Slip the plastic not over the wires then secure the button in place.



Attach Estop Ground Wire

Attach the wire connected to the C lug to the ground terminal block.


Attache Estop Signal Wire

Attach the wire connected to the lug labeled NC to the controller pin associated with the Estop button.


Attach Power Indicator Wires

To use the Estop button LED indicator, it needs to be connected to a 12V power source.

You have a couple choices here. You can wire the power indicator leads directly to the 12V power supply board, or you can create a small connector that splits into three headers.  Connect the power indicator leads to one of these split headers.



Test Power Indicator

Plug in the power cord and turn on the power switch.  The power indicator on the Estop button should light up.


Attach Front Panel Cover

Attach the front panel cover using 8, #6-32 x 3/4" machine screws, lock washers, hex nuts.