Other than the controller and power supply these are some of the other components I have used on the enclosures.


Push Button Estop Switches

These push button switches have both normally open and closed contacts which makes them perfect for Estop switches.

They also have a 12v LED which can be used as a power indicator.

They are availale in both reed and green here:

Red Push Button with LED Light

Green Push Button with LED Light

Power Switches

While I dont use the rubber insulator, they are included if you choose to do so.

I use these to remove AC power from all the components in the enclosure.  

They do include small screw terminals but I prefer to solder my leads.

The switches can be found here:

Power Switches

12v / 5V Power Supply

In order to power the 12V fans and in some cases, the breakout board, I use this dual voltage board.

These are 110V to 12V/5V boards.

They are small, cheap, and easy to hookup.

They can be found here:

Dual voltage power supply board

Terminal Blocks

I use these three position terminal blocks to attach the power supply to the AC cord.

These are rated at 45 Amps

They can be found here:

Heavy Duty 3 Position Terminal Blocks


I use these terminal blocks to create a ground bus, used to connect the probe, Estop and other inputs to the controllers.


5 Position Terminal Blocks

Rubber Feet

These are the rubber feet I use on the bottoms of the enclosure.  They allow me to stack the enclosures as well.

Rubber Feet

Power Cord

This is the power cord used to connect to the power terminal block:

Power Cord

Twist Connectors

These twist connectors can be used to connect the power switch to the power cord.

You can find them here:

Twist Connectors

Router Bits

In order to machine the various components that make up the enclosure, I use these bits. The work very well in wood, plastic and even polycarbonate.


1/8" Spiral Router Bits


Fans and Vents

This 80mm fan grill is used to cover the side vent hole.

They can be found here:

80mm Vent Cover

This 120mm fan grill is used to cover the intake fan.

They can be found here:

120mm Fan Grill


They can be found here:

120mm 12v Fan


DB9 Hoods

These hoods are used to make your cables that will connect to the enclosure.

They are used with the male DB9 connectors


Plastic Hoods can be found here:

DB9 Plastic Hoods


Metal Hoods can be found here:

DB9 Metal Hoods



Male DB9 Connectors


DB9 male plugs can be found here:

DB9 Male Plugs


You can also purchase single DB9 Male plug and DB9 Hood Kit:

DB9 Male with Hood


Power Supplies