in this installment, I will show you how assemble your AirEchanger.

 The parts needed to complete the AirExchanger assembly:

Step 1

Insert 7, #6-32 x 1-1/2” machine screws into the bottom of the magnetic base at the rear 7 positions shown here.

Note that the bottom of the magnetic base is the side with the small recess where the magnets are installed. The top is the side where the magnets are flush with the plastic.

Insert 8, #6-32 x 1” machine screws into the bottom of the magnetic base at the front 8 positions shown here.

Flip the magnetic base over so that the heads of the screws are sitting on a flat surface, as shown here.

Step 2

Slip the bottom base over the screws.

Step 3

Add a spacer to each of the positions shown here.

Step 4

Add the top base.

Step 5

Add a #6 lock washer and a hex nut to the 9 positions shown here.

Finger tighten only.

Step 6

Slip the rear spindle mounting bracket over the six screws shown here.

Step 7

Add a #6 lock washer and #6-32 hex nut to the six positions shown here.

Tighten all 15 screws.

Step 8

Insert a #6-32 x 3/4” machine screw up through the bottom of little stickout shown here.

Secure with a #6 lock washer and #6-32 hex nut.

Step 9

Take the front mounting bracket and position it in front of the rear mounting bracket as shown here.

Start threading the two #10-32 machine screws into the nuts. Leave them loose for now.

Step 10

Place a #6 washer, #6 Lock washer, and a #6-32 hex nut and secure the front of the front mounting bracket to the base.

Finger tighten only.

Attaching the AirExchanger

If the collet is attached to the router or spindle remove it now.

Slip the AirExchanger over the spindle and snug the clamping nuts (#10-32 nuts) enough to keep the AirExchanger from falling off.

You want to adjust the AirExchanger as high as you can, but with enough space to engage the spindle lock with your spindle wrench.

Once positioned, tighten the clamping nuts.

When the collet is fully tightened, it should not touch the bottom of the AirEchanger.

Shown here I have plenty of room to lower the AirExchanger if I need more room for the spindle wrench.

Attach the Shroud/Shoe

Attach the shroud to the AirExchanger by sliding it into position. It should click into place.

If it does not check the little grooves that run along the out side of the shroud and make sure they are not filled with hot glue.

Those little indents are for the screw heads on the bottom of the AirEchanger.


Just connect a vacuum hose to the front of the AirEchanger.

The opening is designed for something that is roughly a 1.5” taper.