Here I will show you how to add the magnetic base and shroud to your AirExchanger Basic.

Please be aware that once you have made this conversion, you will not be able to use the legacy shrouds.  You must use a magnetic shroud.


You will need the following components to complete this conversion:



Step 1

The magnetic base is used to allow you to attach magnetic shrouds to the various AirExchangers. 

If you are going to paint your magnetic base, you need to do it before proceding with the assembly. 

Here I painted mine with two coats of black acrylic paint. I did a light sanding with a fine sanding sponge between the two coats.


Step 2

Place each of the included magnets in the large holes and tap in place with a plastic or wood mallet.

You need to push them in place so that they are flush with the top surface.


When pounded flush, the magnets will be slightly recessed on the reverse side of the base. This is important as it provides a place for the contacts on the dust shoe to make a positive contact.



Step 3

If you have not yet assembled your AirExchanger Basic, it's a simple matter to add the magnetic base to the lower base and then continue with the AirExchanger Basic assembly instructions.

(A) Take the magnetic base

(B) Add the seven #6-32 x 1-1/2" screws to the base.

(C) Add the eight #6-32 x 1" screws to the base.

Make sure the screws are inserted into the side with the recessed magnets and stick out on the flush side. Once Inserted, flip and place on a flat surface.

(D) Add the AirExchanger Basic lower base to the assembly.

Continue the assembly using the AirExchanger Basic assembly instructions starting with step 2.

Step 4

At this point you have already assembled your AirExchanger Basic. You need to disassemble it to add the magnetic base.

Remove the front mount and set aside.

When disassembling the AirExchanger Basic, two things can happen:

If you have not painted the AirExchanger it will just 


Step 5

Remove all the remaining hardware.

When disassembling the AirExchanger Basic, one of two things will happen:

Total Disassembly - If this is the case, threat the conversion as a fresh assembly and go back to Step 3.

Partial Disassembly - This is the likely case if you have painted your AirExchanger. If this is the case continue on.


Step 6

Place the magnetic base on top of the lower base and add the 1-1/2" and 1" screws as shown. The 1-1/2" screws go into the front six holes and the center holes.


Make sure the recessed side of the magnets are facing up. The flush side is up against the AirExchanger base.


Step 7

Flip the assembly over and add back any components that may have fallen off.

Add the lock washer back to each screw.

Secure all screws with a hex nut and tighten.

Attach the front mount.


Step 8

Thats It! Your AirExchanger Basic now supports magnetic shrouds.

Install it on your CNC as you did earlier and simply snap the shroud in place.