KRMx02 Making Aluminum Booms

I needed to reduce the weight of three aluminum booms for a Y6 Hex-copter I am working on. The booms are made from 1" square aluminum stock. The plan is to remove some of the material from the boom by cutting slits and holes into the sides and top. This would will reduce the weight while still keeping the structural rigidity of the square tube.

I have used the KRMx02 to cut aluminum with great success in the past, but it was all from quality 6061 aluminum. The aluminum used to make the booms is cheap 3003 home center stock. As you can see from the following picture, the first slot cut perfect. The second and third slot started to degrade. This was due to buildup of aluminum on the bit.

What to do? I wanted to try some WD40, but did not have any on hand.

I have this Tool and Bit Cleaner by Trend. I have used it in the past to keep pitch from building up on my wood working bits. Its not oily and is biodegradable, and leaves the bits very smooth and slippery.

I just sprayed some onto the work surface and smeared it with my fingers.

It worked perfect.

The finished booms after a slight brushing.

The finished project.

KRMx02 Cutting the Booms


Products I used for this project

Router Bit

Cutting Specs

  • Speed: 40 IPM
  • RPM: 14000
  • Plunge: 30 IPM
  • 1" Ramp
  • Climb Cut