I wanted to make some thinner slats for my plasma table and decided to cut some out of 22 gauge steel.

They proved to be too thin so I decided to try 16 gauge steel.

I was about to head out to purchase some 16 gauge, when I remembered I had a bunch from an old tool cabinet I salvaged a couple years ago.

I dug them out of my shop atic and proceded to trim them up for my CNC.

The plasma CNC has a pretty strong downdraft and makes a very nice plasma table for hand work.  

Here I am using my Hypertherm to trim off some excess.

First I cut some square slats.

Then some slats with points.

Here they are installed.  I like to mix and match my slats.  I just make sure they are all the same height.


Cutting with the CAP 04 in Action