I don't have a full conversion document for the Bosch 1617EVS, but here are some pictures I took during my conversion. I did this conversion over a year ago and the comments are from memory.

Step 1

Remove Cover.


Step 2

Dislodge Speed Control.


Step 2 - Cont


Step 3

Remove large white connector from speed control.


Step 4

Remove speed controller wires from router. Remove all other wires from connections.


Step 5

Remove armature cover and paint spindle as shown. One half is white, the other half is black. I used acrylic paint.


Step 5 - Cont


Step 5 - Cont


Step 6

While the cover is removed drill a small hole in plastic as shown. Replace armature cover.


Step 6 - Cont


Step 6 - Cont


Step 7

Connect wires as shown.


Step 8

Insert sensor cable. Get the cable as close to the armature as possible without touching.


Step 9

While holding in place, check the on/off state of the sensor.


Step 10

Once you are happy with the sensors position, secure with hot glue.


Step 11

Route the wire as shown.


Step 12

Secure the top cover.