CNC Construction Set Volume 3 : Basic Electrics

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vol 3 cover product.jpg

CNC Construction Set Volume 3 : Basic Electrics

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This is the third volume in the CNC Construction Set series. This volume shows you how to install and configure basic electrics for your CNC Construction Set

Included with this volume is a detailed “Bill of Materials”. It contains a list of all components (with links) needed to complete this volume.

The Book:

  • Chapters: 14

  • Pages: 160

Volume 3 covers:

  • Installing the X, Y, and Z axis motors

  • Mach 3 configuration

  • Installing the UC100 motion controller

  • Axis Tuning

Please note that the volumes 3 and 3b are the same volumes, this volume (3) covers the simpler UC100 motion controller. This is a less expensive and simpler approach to the CNCCS electronics, but does not give you a lot of future options. If you plan on using your CNCCS for plasma cutting, it is possible with the UC100 but the UC300ETH gives you more options.

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