CNCCS Volume 5B

CNCCS Volume 5B cover.jpg
CNCCS Volume 5B cover.jpg

CNCCS Volume 5B

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This is the fifth volume in the CNC Construction Set series. This particular volume shows you how to add a basic plasma table to your CNC Construction Set using an Hypertherm PM65 plasma cutter.

Included with this volume is a detailed “Bill of Materials”. It contains a list of all components (with links) needed to complete this volume.

The Book:

  • Chapters: 16

  • Pages: 168

Volume 5B covers:

  • Table Slats

  • Downdraft

  • Torch Holder

  • Hypertherm Plasma Control Cable

  • Configuration and Testing

Please visit the CNC Construction Set plasma section for more information.

CNC Construction Set Plasma Section

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