X Gantry Plate

The X carriage holes the two Z rails used to support the Z carriage.

The heart of the X carriage is the X carriage plate shown here.

It attaches directly to the two extended trucks mounted on the X rails.

The carriage plate is 7" x 12" and is cut from 1/2" stock.  In my case I use 1/2" Corian.


X Carriage Assembly

On the front of the X carriage plate the two 20mm x 300mm rails are mounted and held in place with #10 x 1" machine screws.

On the back is a Dumpster CNC ACME nut, mounted on a small angle bracket.

The X carriage plate mounts to the two carriage trucks mounted on the X rails.

Eight M6 x 20mm screws are used to secure the plate to the trucks.



There is not a lot of complexity to the X carriage.  Next we will be adding the X drive system.