In volume 1 we build the frame and carriages. Volume 1 is the foundation to the CNC Construction Set.

The following is a very high level overview of what is covered in Volume 1.

Included with volume 1 is a detailed Bill of Materials with product links to the components needed for the frame construction.

Volume 1 us currently 112 Pages.

The items shown in red are what I refer to as adapter plates.  They serve the purpose of forming the base for the various carriages and mounts. The design of the CNC Construction Set was done in such a way that these plates can be made from a multitude of materials. PVC, MDF, Corian, or Aluminum.  You can even start with one and migrate to the more expensive ones (Corian, Aluminum) later.


Chapter 2

Chapter 2 covers basic frame constuction.


Chapter 3

Chapter 3 covers the Y axis linear rails.


Chapter 4

Chapter 4 covers the Y carriages.


Chapter 6

Chapter 6 covers the gantry.


Chapter 9

Chapter 9 covers the Z Rails.


Chapter 10

Chapter 10 covers the basic Z carriage.