In volume 2 we cover the ACME screw drive components and installation.  In addition we do some extensive tuning of the carriages.

The following is a very high level overview of what is covered in Volume 2.

Included with volume 2 is a detailed Bill of Materials with product links to the components needed for the frame construction.

Volume 2 is currently 166 Pages.

 You can purchase this volume here:

CNC Construction Set Volume 2 : ACME Drive Components

Chapter 2

In chapter 2 we tune the gantry hieght by making a guage block.


Chapter 4

In chapter 4 we tune the Z carriage.


Chapter 6

_MG_0689 gs.jpg

In Chapter 6 we square the gantry.


Chapter 8

In Chapter 8 we cover the X drive mounts.


Chapter 9

In Chapter 9 we cover the Y drive mounts.


Chapter 10

In chapter 10 we cover the Z drive mounts.


Chapter 11

In chapter 11 we cover the Z axis ACME screw.


Chapter 12

In chapter 12 we cover the X axis ACME screw.


Chapter 14

In chapter 14 we cover the Y axis ACME screw.