The next step in the plasma CNC construction is to build the new table.



I added two supports, one on each side.  These will support the ends of the table slats.

1/4-20 standoffs are added to each support. These standoffs will help hold the table slats in place.

I used variable spacing:

  • 1", 1", 1", 1", 1"
  • 1.5", 2", 2", 2", 2"
  • 3", 3", 3", 3"

I added a center support with the same standoffs, but offset about 1/2"


Table Slats

Table slats are added and are sprung against the center standoffs to add some pre-load to the the slats.

This holds the slats firmly in place and keeps them from moving when cuts are made.


Standoff Plugs

I added some 1/4" grub screws to the standoffs to keep the plasma dross out of the threads.

This will allow me to use the standoffs to mount fixtures as needed.



The front five standoffs are only 1" apart and can be mixed and matched as needed.

These slats sit about 1/2" below the side extrusions to help keep dust from the rails.

This design makes it easy to have various slats for other tasks.  For instance I could cut some slats that set flush with the extrusion to allow me to cut very long stock.


Update 5/2/2018

The table has been working very well. Shown here is the version 2 build with the table.