With this new design, I wanted to perform some acceleration tests before moving forward.

I mounted a pen holder and pen to the CNC and started some speed and acceleration tests.  While my top goal is 300 IPM with an acceleration of .3G, I will settle for .2G before moving on with the build.

Here is a video of the tests I performed.


The Results

This was a very slow test, just to get a base to compare things to.

Im running a feed rate of 50IPM with .1G on the X axis and .02G on the Y axis.

Looks very good.

Here with the same settings but inceased the feed speed to 300IPM.

The X and Y axis acceleration rates are different. This really starts to show anomalies when running at higher speeds. Notice how the top left of the side window is deformed.

Here running at 300IPM with both the X and Y axis set to .1G acceleration.


Looking very good.

Now at .2G.


Still looks very good.

At .3G getting a little wiggle on the front windshield but still acceptable.

At this point the machine as a whole was wiggling very bad due to the rubber casters I am using.

I will be looking into useing some sort of retractable casters.



I'm very happy with the results.  It looks like the machine is ready for the next phase.  Currently I have been using the electronics borrowed from my KRmc01 CNC mill. Its time to build one specifically designed for the "CNC Construction Set".