The X carriage is designed to run across the two X rails. This provides the stability needed for the high acceleration required for high quality plasma cuts.

I will be adding four shaft flange clamps to hold the Z axis in place.  This is my first time doing this kind of Z to X mount.  So only testing the completed assembly will prove this idea, or not.


X Carriage Plate

The X carriage plate is a 8" x 13" x 1/2" plate.  It was intended that this be made from 1/2" aluminum.  For now mine is done in 1/2" Corian.  

The plate is placed on the top of two 20mm extended trucks. 

It is easier to build the X carriage in-place.  I do this by adding the two extend trucks to the X rails. I then attach the plate to the trucks with some 6mm x 20mm machine screws.


Guide Bearing

I designed a pocket into the X carriage plate to hold a bearing. The idea it to help support the Z axis ACME screw.  

I'm not really sure this is needed so I will be testing with and without the bearing.


Secure the Plate

The plate is held in-place with 8 M6x20mm screws.


Z Shaft Supports

The four, Z axis shaft supports are added to the X carriage and secured with 2 1/4-20 x 1.5" bolts and nuts on each set of supports.

At this point they are only thumb tightened.



X Axis ACME Nut

I added my 1/2" 5 start ACME nut to the carriage.  While this wont be used for a while its a good time to get it into place.



Things are starting to shape up.  Next , I will build the Z axis.