It's time for me to install the X drive train. The process is much like the Y drive train, but with different adapter plates.

I created motor mount plate, bearing mount plate, and a bearing cover.

While the plates differ, the cover plate is the same as that used on the Y drive.


X Bearing Mount Assembly 

Bearing mount adapter plate is installed as shown here. It jst some 1" 1/4-20 carriage bolts inserted into the slots shown.

I added a 1/2" bearing to the bearing mount.

The bearing cover is then installed.


X Motor Mount Assembly

The motor mount adapter plate is installed.

I then add the motor.

The 1/4" to 1/2" helical motor coupler is added to the motor.


X ACME Screw Assembly

A 24" 5 start ACME screw is slipped through the bearing, ACME nut and into the helical shaft.

The bearing needs to capture the ACME screw to remove lateral movement due to the helical coupler.

Locking clamps are added (with spacers) to keep the ACME screw from moving lateraly.



All motors and drive trains in place, its time to get these motors running.