Main Z axis Assembly

The Z axis rides in the 20mm shaft flanges. Please note that this initial design has a higher than normal Z axis.  It will be shortened once I perform my initial tests.

I'm not going to go into a lot of detail on the Z axis as it is under a lot of flux at the moment. 

In a nut shell, the Z axis consists of two 20mm shafts held exactly 3.638 inches apart.

An ACME screw is centered between the two shafts.

This is done with the motor mount and bearing mount.

The shafts are held in place with a motor plate and a bearing plate. Screws on the ends of the plates clamp them in place.


Z Carriage

This is the current plasma Z carriage design. Since there is not a lot of room under the carriage the design is very compact. 

This works well for my Everlast plasma torch, but yeilds little room for other accesories.

The carriage slips on to the lower end of the Z axis assembly as shown here.

The Z carriage is raised until it enguages the ACME screw.



I know I did not go into a lot of detail on the Z axis.  This is because this design is going to change and I don't want to spend too much time on something I know is going to changes very soon.

This Z axis design actually came direcly from the original tighten.  Only the Z carriage was changed a little.

I do intend on shortening the shafts, and ACME screw, but need to do some testing first.  The lower the motor is towords the X carriage plate the less chance of the Z axis flexing.