The following are the current components I use to build my own CNC PC.



The ASRock D1800B-ITX is my new board of choice. 


  • Low Power Consumption
  • Included Parallel Port
  • VGA and HDMI Monitor Support
  • 2.5Ghz CPU included
  • Windows 7 and 8 Compatible
  • No CPU Fan Required
  • Mini ITX Form Factor
  • USB 2 and 3 Support
  • PICO Power Supply Adapter Compatible

Lets take a look at the support components this motherboard will require to operate in the configuration I will be showing you.


You will need 4GB of DDR3 SODIMM Memory.

Power Supply

While you certainly can use a full size ITX or ATX power supply I prefer the smaller PicoPSU-80 Power supply. You can also use the PicoPSU-160 Power Supply.

This power supply is tiny and it plugs directly into the power connector of the mother board and provides power for the hard drive as well.

AC Adapter

The power supply shown above needs an AC adapter. This 12V AC adapter is inexpensive and works perfect.

Hard Drive

You will need a hard drive to load Windows 7. While you can use a full sized conventional hard drive, but I prefer SSD hard drives.

Wire Kit

You will need at least a single wired switch to turn on you CNC PC. You can pick up a complete wire kit from Amazon.

In addition you will need a couple more components to complete you CNC PC.



You will need a monitor. The motherboard supports both DVI and VGA so you can use any monitor provided it comes with the correct cable. Try to get a monitor with at least 1600x900 resolution.


Keyboard and Mouse

You will need a keyboard and mouse. I prefer the keyboard with a built-in keypad as it is easier to use on a CNC machine.

External DVD drive

You will need an external DVD drive to install Windows.  I don't recommend a permanent drive for use in a shop environment.

Windows OS

You will need a Windows install disk in order to install the OS. I recommend Windows 7. Any version.