Before getting started, you need to select the kind of brackets you will be using. Please note that some of these brackets may change due to availability.  

Brackets #1

I have used several brackets, but this one is the one I use the most.  Simply because I can 3D print as many as I need.  

The STL files can be downloaded here:

3D Printable Corner Brackets

Brackets #2

These are the first metal brackets I started using.  I feel they are perfect for this application.  I originally purchased them from Amazon, but now they are hard to find.

Metal Corner Brackets #2

Brackets #3

I recently started using these metal brackets.  They similar in size to the 3D printed brackets and seem to be readily available.


Black Metal Corner Brackets #3


Nickel Metal Corner Brackets #3

Before proceeding, you need to have 8 brackets in hand. The brackets drawing files for the various enclosure sides will be labeled with a #1, #2, or #3 and will correspond to the brackets above.  Please note that if I add more brackets they will be added to this list and numbered accordingly.


While the The drawing files for the various enclosure sides will provided in the next section, I have separated the drawings for the brackets so they can be milled indipendantly of the actual cutouts for the various side components. 

They various bracket hole patterns may be found here:

Bottom/Top Bracket Drawings

Front/Rear Bracket Drawings

Side Bracket Drawings

They include the EPS, AI, and DXF drawings, as well as the Vcarve Pro CRV CAM files. I have also included the Gcode files that will work on most machines including the KRMx01, KRMx02 machines.

Keep in mind that the Gcode was created for a 1/8" router bit and 3/8" stock only.  The router should be set to 18000 RPM if you dont have router speed control built into your machine.