There are two types of shrouds.

  • Legacy Dust Shroud
  • Magnetic Dust Shroud


Legacy Dust Shroud

The legacy dust shroud is the original dust shroud designed to slide into place on the legacy AirExchangers. These were intended to be machined my you.

You can find the plans here:

Legacy dust Shrouds

Legacy dust shrouds will work on the following AirEchangers, provided they have not been converted with the magnetic base.

  • Legacy K2CNC Air Exchanger
  • Legacy Direct Connect AirExchanger
  • AirExchanger Basic


Magnetic Dust Shroud

The magnetic dust shrouds are the newer style shroud. They designed to snap into the magnetic base on the AirExchanger. These are sold as kits here:

Magnetic Dust Shrouds


Magnetic dust shrouds will work on the AirExchanger Delux or any AirExchanger that has the magnetic base installed.

The assembly instructions for the magnetic shroud can be found here:

Magnetic Dust Shroud Assembly Instructions