The first thing I did was to add some support rails to hold drag chains on both the X and Y axis.

Im still playing with the actual position of the head of the chain but they work very well.

I picked up the drag chain here:

Drag Chain: 1M x 15mm x 30mm

They are not the best, but the price is good.

Mount the DIN Rail Platform

You can read more about my DIN Rail setup here:

DIN Rail Madness

The DIN Rail Proto Board is mounted to the stand using three hinges.

The hinges allow me to raise the board so that I can get better access to the front of the board.


Mount G540 Motor Driver

The G540 is mounted on the second DIN rail on the right side so that most of the motor cables will reach.

I go ahead and run the motor cables so I can make sure they can be moved to both board positions.


Motors and Cables


I'm using 381oz/in stepper motors, back covers and G540 cables all available from CNC4PC

These motors seem be be somewhat overkill for the CNC Construction set so I may choose some smaller ones.

The G540 cables come with a connector that lets you set the actual amps driving the motors.  Even though the motors are rated at 3.5Amps, I am driving them at 2Amps.


Power Supply

The power supply is a 48V 12.5 Amp power supply supplied by CNC4PC.

It is mounted on four of my DIN rail brackets as shown here.

In run both the V negative and V Positiive to the G540.

I also run a E-stop Bypass from the G540 the V negative terminal on the power supply.

Please note that this is not the end all for the electronics.  Eventually I will be mounting a UC300 Ehternet motion controller on the board as well.

The parallel cable is running from the G540 to my PC running Mach3.  This will be changed to the UCCNC software and a UC100, then eventually to the UC300 via Ethernet.


Update 2/1/2018

Power Bus

This is after all the CNC Construction Set.  I wanted to make sure I had multiple voltages available for the different builds.

What I came up with is this power bus.

It supplies the following voltage sources:


The different voltages are supplied via various DIN rail terminal blocks. Every thing is mounted on a DIN rail that is mounted to the power supply.

I even added a couple digital voltage monitors for the 12 and 5 volt sources.


AC Terminal Block and Switch

I added a heavy duty terminal block for the AC input to the platform. I also added a cutoff switch to kill the power to everything.

I now add this terminal block and switch to all my builds.  You can get more details here:

KRMx02 DIN Rail Experiments


G540 Cooling Fan

The G540 can run too hot when pushing its limits.  A lot of problems associated with the G540 are caused by the G540 going into thermal shutdown.

Now that I have a 12V power source I can add a cooling fan to the G540.  Here I added a three speed PC fan.



The Electronics is starting to shape up. Its time to start playing with machine.