While working ion the Mini Cyclone Table, it came to me that with a couple modifications a nice little end table could be made. This table stands 27" high. The top is 12" in diameter.

end table Small.jpg

This table was made from some scrap particle board, but the parts could be cut from just about any material. The G-code provided on this page is setup for 3/4" material. The actual drawing and CAM files are available on DVD if you want to make your own modifications.


Step 1 - Cut the Parts

Using the included G-code cut three leg parts, shelf, and top. You should use a 1/4" strait bit for all the parts.

The legs are cut from a piece of stock 28" wide by 5" tall. The lower shelf is cut from a piece of stock 10" x 10". The top, from a piece of stock 13" x 13". Notice the orientation of the pieces shown below. That is how the stock should be positioned on your table. The KRMx02 CNC is referenced with zero at the lower left corner of the CNC.


Step 2 - Clean the Edges

Using a 1/4" round over bit clean all the edges. Don't clean inside of the slots on any of the parts. It is important that you use a 1/4" round over bit to ensure the top portion of the leg is properly shaped to fit the mortis cut into the top.


Step 3 - Sand the parts

Lightly sand all surfaces.


Step 4 - Test Fit the Legs

The legs are cut so that they will be tight. If they are too tight use a sander to slightly reduce the top of the leg.

Test Fit small.jpg

Step 5 - Test Fit the Shelf

Like the top the joint where the lower legs join the shelf, it is meant to be tight. Only a slight bit of tapping should be necessary to join the two parts. If they are too tight sand the surface of the leg around the joint, and the surface of the shelf around the joint.


If you are using particle board or MDF then its important that the joint is not too tight. Solid wood will almost never require any sanding to fit.


Step 6 - Assemble the Lower Shelf

Apply glue to both notches and attach each leg to the shelf. Tap into place with a soft mallet.

assemble shelf.jpg

Step 7 - Glue and Assemble the Top

Quickly before the shelf glue sets, apply glue to the top of the legs.


The legs will need to be moved positioned into place so that they will fit into the mortises. Do this gently, moving only a little on each leg until all three legs are seated into the mortises. Use a soft mallet to tap the legs, seating them fully.


Step 8 - Paint

If you are using particle board or MDF, you will want to paint your table. Here I am using Generals, "Brick Red". Later I will ad a coat of "Pitch Black" glaze.


Finished Project

end table Small.jpg

Short Instructional Video

The G-code for the project can be found here

If you want access to the CAM file or 2D drawings, they are included on th KRMx02 Companion DVD.