The FRMP component platform is used to attach your controller, camera, and other robotics gear. It is also used to mount your battery. The component platform connects to the support platforms.


Whats included with FRMP component platform?

The component platform consists of 2 pieces. The top platform and bottom platform.

You can use, steel, aluminum, or nylon hardware. The component platform sold in the on-line store has an option to purchase nylon hardware with your purchase.

Listed below is a list hardware required for the platform. Just keep in mind that metal hardware can add substantial weight of the craft.


  • 15, 6-32 x 3/8" Machine screws

  • 30, #6 lock washers

  • 15, 6-32 hex nuts

  • 15, #6 1-1/4" Standoffs



The FRMP component platform is made from 1/8" Baltic birch ply. If you plan on painting the platform, you should do it now. Acrylic paint works best.


Step 1

Insert the standoffs into the holes in the bottom component platform, as shown below. Note that it will probably be easier to install the standoffs one at a time.

APM Isolation Platform Step1.jpg

Step 2

Add a #6 lock washer and hex nut to each stand off and tighten. If you are using nylon hardware, do not over-tighten.

APM Isolation Platform Step 2.jpg

Step 3

Lay the top component platform on top of the standoffs, as shown below.

APM Isolation Platform Step 3.jpg

Step 4

secure the top platform with a #6-32 x 3/8" machine screw and lock washer, as shown below. Note that you may only want to tack the top platform in place with a couple screws, as you will be removing it to install your gear.

APM Isolation Platform Step 4.jpg


This completes the component platform assembly. Repeat the process on each leg. Remember the orientation so that they all match. 

APM Isolation Platform complete.jpg

Component and Support Platform Assembly

The component platform is designed to be attached to a support platform. The support platform shown below is the isolation platform, however the assembly is the same for all of them.

Step 1

Insert the component platform over the four posts as shown below.

Platform to support 2.jpg


The component/support platform assembly can now be installed on your craft.

Platform to support complete.jpg