The FRMP leg set and boom cover fit between your boom extension and the main platform. The boom covers hide your motor wiring. By using different leg sets you can change the look and appliction of your FRMP based craft.

Whats included with the FRMP leg set and boom cover kit?

Each leg set consists of 3 pieces. Two legs sides and a boom cover.

You can use, steel, aluminum, or nylon hardware. The leg set sold in the on-line store has an option to purchase nylon hardware with your purchase. Please note that the 5/8" spacers can be hard to find.

Listed below is a list hardware required for each legset. If you are building a quad you will need 4X the quantity listed. For a Hex 6X

  • 3, 6-32 x 1" Machine screws, Note you can use longer nylon screws and just cut them off

  • 3, #6 lock washers

  • 3, 6-32 hex nuts

  • 3, #6 5/8" long Spacers



The FRMP Leg set and boom covers are made from 1/8" Baltic birch ply. If you plan on painting your legsets, you should do it now. Acrylic paint works best. The motors should be wired with the proper direction set. Depending on the extensions and motor wire lengths, the boom cover may cover the connectors, which would be needed to change the motor direction.


Step 1

Fit the boom cover over one of the booms as shown below. The round portion of the cover should butt up against the boom extension. The small V indent on the opposite end should fit against the corner of the reference frame. If you like you can hold it in place temporarily with a tie wrap on the end nearest the reference frame.

Notice the cutoff tip of the cover. This is to provide a hole for your motor wires to run.


Step 2

Take one of the legs and slip it over the the two tabs on the cover. Notice the orientation of the leg. Which ever orientation you decide should be consistent on all the legs.


Step 3

Take three of the machine screws and slip them through the three holes in the leg as shown below.


Step 4

Slip three 5/8" spacers over the three machine screws as shown below.


Step 5

Slip the other leg over the three screws and the two tabs as shown below. You will have to work at getting all the holes to mate up.

KFELegAssembly 5b.jpg

Step 6

Insert a #6 lock washer and nut over each screw and tighten. Do not over tighten the nuts. If you are using longer nylon screws then cut off the extra with a pair of wire cutters.



This completes the legset installation. Repeat the process on each leg. Remember the orientation so that they all match.

KFELegAssembly Z.jpg


As an option, you can add an additional 1" machine screw to the exposed hole, as shown below. You will need a 1" screw, nut and lock washer for each leg.

KFELegAssembly Option.jpg