Here I will show you how to add the magnetic base and shroud to your Legacy K2CNC AirExchanger.

Please be aware that once you have made this conversion, you will not be able to use the legacy shrouds.  You must use a magnetic shroud.


You will need the following components to complete this conversion:



Step 1

The magnetic base is used to allow you to attach magnetic shrouds to the various AirExchangers. 

If you are going to paint your magnetic base, you need to do it before proceding with the assembly. 

Here I painted mine with two coats of black acrylic paint. I did a light sanding with a fine sanding sponge between the two coats.


Step 2

Place each of the included magnets in the large holes and tap in place with a plastic or wood mallet.

You need to push them in place so that they are flush with the top surface.


When pounded flush, the magnets will be slightly recessed on the reverse side of the base. This is important as it provides a place for the contacts on the dust shoe to make a positive contact.


Step 3

The magnetic base must be installed on the bottom of the AirExchanger. It is possible to install the base without complete disassembly.

Start by removing a single screw. Set the lock washer aside and reverse the screw as shown.  Add the nut and finger tighten only.

Do this for each screw leaving the center screw as the last.


When doing the center screw it is important to hold the top and bottom base together to keep the round spacers in place while you reverse the screw.


Step 4

You will need a small piece of plywood or other material that is about the size or a little larger than the AirExchanger. 

the pourpose is to support the AirExchanger while you remover the nuts and add the magnetic base. In order to do this you will need to add a 1" hole in the stock to allow the bolt to pass.


Step 5

Remove all the nuts a place the magnetic base over the screws as shown.

Important !!

Make sure the flush side of the magnets are facing the AirExchanger and the recessed side is facing up.

Replace all the nuts and finger tighten only.


Step 6

Go back and reverse each screw one at at time so that the head is back on the bottom of the AirExchanger as shown here.

Make sure you add the lock washer you removed earlier. Tighten with a screwdriver. 

Important !!

Don't over tighten.


Step 7

Thats It! Your K2CNC AirExchanger now supports magnetic shrouds.

Install it on your CNC as you did earlier and simply snap the shroud in place.