Once you really start using your KRmc01, you will want Mach 3 to have control of your spindle. This will allow Mach 3 to turn the spindle on and off, and to change the speed as needed during the drilling or milling operation.

There are a few gotchas however. The LMS 3690 controller board shown below requires a firmware upgrade to the main controller board. This comes in the form of a new chip for the main controller board. This new chip makes it incompatible with the LMS tachometer upgrade.

In addition, the speed range of the 3690 is changed from 100-2500 to 500-3200. Once the upgrade is in place the speed control knob no longer works and all spindle operations must be controlled through Mach 3.



The controller interface is installed in the main control box, as shown below. 


The workbook take you step-by-step through the installation and wiring of the controller. In addition it take you through a test procedure before you make the final connections.


The installation requires calibration, so a small inexpensive tachometer like the one shown in the right is needed. Calibration is covered in the workbook. 


The workbook covers Mach 3 configuration.


Controller In Action

Mini Workbook

The mini workbook covers the upgrade in three chapters and 54 pages:

  • Getting Started
  • Spindle Control Wiring
  • Spindle Control Configurations
  • Spindle Control Calibration
  • Conclusion

The workbook also comes with access to the KRmc01 spindle control forum where you can download a new Mach3 post proccessor for Vectric applications like, cut2d, and VcarvePro.

This post proccessor adds some spindle tweaking and a delay that allows the spindle to spin up before the milling or drilling operations begin.

Please Note that it is recomended that you complete the upgrades covered in the "Operating and Upgrading the KRmc02 CNC Milling Machine" workbook.

Other Purchase Items


You will need a tachometer when calibrating the spindle control.