I purchased a Tapamatic 70X but it was much too large to use on the KRmc01 CNC. I had a chance to pick up a TACO HR1 real cheap and jumped at the chance.


When the HR1 arrived I was surprised at how small it was. The problem with the Tapamatic was that it was too large to be used with my vise. Not so with the HR1.

This tapping head has a JT33 interface, so you will need a JT33 to R8 Adapter.


See it in action tapping #6-32 holes


1/4-20 holes


I had to attach a temporary bar to the mill for the HR1 stop arm. Eventually I will be adding an accessory plat to the side of the mill. This will allow me to attach various accessories like a thread rod for the stop arm.


The holes were drilled with a #36 drill bit. This yielded very easy #6-32 holes with 77% threads. You can go tighter or looser depending on your needs.



Eventually, I added an accessory plate to the milling head. This allows me to quickly add accessories like this post for the bar stop on the tapping head.

Accessory Plate.jpg

Taps I have used with the Taco HR1