With this upgrade workbook you will take your KRmc01 CNC milling machine to the next level. In the process you will learn some of the techniques to apply to your own projects.


Upgrades covered in the workbook

Along with complete step-by-step instructions, th Gcode, drawing files, and Vcarve files for all upgrade components are available on the included workbook DVD. 

KRmc01 Fence System


The fence system will allow you to mount flat material directly to your table surface. Once mounted, you can quickly mount stock that will already be referenced so you can quickly create your parts.


In addition you will be able to flip parts so you can machine beyond the range of your mill.

KRmc01 Clamps


Most people purchase clamp systems that were designed for much larger mills. While these will work with your mill, a smaller set of clamps will give you more functionality. The clamps you make can be used with or without the fence system.

KRmc01 T-nuts


The KRmc01 T-nuts are based on 1/4-20 bolts and give you more flexibility. These nuts are used to secure the fence, clamps and other accessories.

KRmc01 Front Cover


This KRmc01 front cover upgrade provides better protection for the Y-axis ball-screw. In addition it protects the Y-axis homing switch upgrade. The access panel can be removed for access to the switch for adjustments and the ball-screw for oiling. 

KRmc01 Spindle Lock


The spindle lock was added to make changing the bits/collets easier. With this upgrade you only need one hand to change the collet.

KRmc01 Emergency Stop


You will be shown how to wire an emergency stop to your controller. This will allow you to quickly stop the mill in the case of an emergency.

You will be shown how to wire and configure Mach 3.

Homing Switches


The homing switch upgrade will allow you to create soft limits on your CNC. This will keep you from crashing into the endpoints of your mill. In addition, Mach3 will check to make sure no gcode you load, extends beyond your machines axis.

In addition to the X, Y, and Z switch mounts, you will be shown how to wire and configure Mach3.

XBox 360 Controller


The Xbox 360 controller is one of the best CNC Jog controller sI have used. Not only does it provide variable jog speeds with overides, it provides several buttons for quick access for various CNC functions.

Configuration files, plugins, and drivers are included on the workbook DVD.