These are the downloads for the "Building the KRMx01 CNC" book, ISBN 978-1-938687-00-6.

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Download the complete KRMx01 book

KRMx01 Book PDF 4.5MB


In order to keep the download size to a minimum, the illustration and layout resolutions have been reduced.

I have made the full resolution printed version available on Amazon for a minimal charge.


More Downloads


KRMx01 Z-plate Template

The KRMx01 Z-plate is no longer sold. Here is a printable template so that you can make your own.

Just print the PDF so that the dimensions shown accurate and use it as s template to mark your holes. The Z-plate should be made from 1/2 aluminum 8-7/8" x 5"

This size piece of aluminum can be purchased from online metals.


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5-Start Nut

The original 5-Sart nut is no longer available at CNCRouterParts. The replacement nut can be found here:

Dumpster ACME Nut Assembly (5-Start)

Note that his new nut requires some modifications to the build.  You can find out about them here:

ACME Nut Changes


KRMx01 Upgrade Book

An upgrade book for the KRMx01 is also available from Amazon.

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