The Illustrated Guide to Building a High Speed CNC Router

What is "Building the KRMx02 CNC"?

It's a workbook that takes you step-by-step through the process of building your very own high speed, heavy duty CNC. As a bonus by purchasing the workbook edition from this site, you gain access to our private KRMx02 forums.

"No matter what your experience you can build this machine!"

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KRMx02 Workbooks

Workbook Contents

The instructions for building the KRMx02 are in the form of a book. This book consists of 182 pages grouped into 16 chapters. The book will take you step by step through the process of building the KRMx02 CNC.

What Can You Cut with a KRMx02 CNC?

While you can cut sever materials with your KRMx02, here is an example of a enclosure I made out of Corian"

See other KRMx02 Milling Examples here

KRMx02 Design Highlights

Z-plate Design

The KRMx02 Z-plate supports K2CNC mounts available from K2CNC.

Using K2CNC mounts, you can easily attach the following routers to your KRMx02 CNC.

  • Bosch 1617EVS
  • Porter Cable 690
  • Porter Cable 892
  • Dewalt DW618
  • Hitachi M12VC
  • Porter Cable PC7518
  • Makita RF1101

Kronos Robotics AirExchanger

AirExchanger Features

  • Diverts router vent air outside vacuum area. Your dust collector does not have to compete with the vent air, thus requiring smaller vacuum.
  • Provides mounting mechanizm for dust shroud. Shroud is easily removable, even with collet and bit attached to router.
  • See through design, Allows you to see the bit while CNC is in operation.
  • Supports small LED flashlight to light work surface and bit. This allows you to easily use a depth probe or other accessories.
  • Holds your routers spindle wrench in place. This allows one handed collet adjustment. No more dropping bits.
  • Catches up to 99.9% of even the smallest airborn dust when shroud is attached.
  • Supports different sized dust shrouds. Create a shroud for your small bits and another for your large ones.
  • The K2CNC Mount AirExchanger Supports small LED flashlight to light work surface and bit. This allows you to easily use a depth probe or other accessories.



Steel and Aluminum Construction

The KRMx02 utilizes 100% steel and aluminum construction.



Click the images on the left and place the mouse in the center for more information on each image.


CNC Sizes

You can build the KRMx02 in five different sizes;

  • 18" x 14" x 6"
  • 30" x 27" x 6"
  • 50" x 27" x 6"
  • 50" x 50" x 6"
  • 50" x 102" x 6"

To get the overall dimensions of the machine just add 26" to the X-axis and 19" to the Y-axis.  This will yield a footprint of the following sizes:

  • 44" x 33" x 73"
  • 56" x 46" x 73"
  • 76" x 46" x 73"
  • 76" x 69" x 73"
  • 76" x 121" x 73"

The KRMx02 will do rapids between 600IPM and 1000IPM without any tuning. After the breaking in the KRMx02 (30" x 27" build) and doing some fine tuning we were able to get rapids as high as 2000IPM. Your actual cutting speed will depend on the router and router bit used, material and type of cut.

What about the cost to build the KRMx02 CNC?

The estimated cost to build the 30" x 27" KRMx02 CNC is around $3500. This includes all the steel, aluminum, hardware, 2-1/4 HP router, controller, stepper motors, power supply and hookup cables, and a Mach 3 license. Keep this in mind as many other builds do not include these items in their estimates.

As for time, it can take as little as a week or can be spread out over several months. The book is set up so that the chapters present the build in stages. And since the costs are tied to each chapter you can budget your time and funds.

For a Complete Cost Breakdown Click Here



Build Sizes and Costs

The KRMx02 was designed so that it can be built to any size. We supply a "Bill of Materials" for the following sizes.

Please be advised that the 18" x 14" and 30" x 27" machine sizes can be built by a single individual. The larger machines will require two or more individuals to aid in the assembly. Please note that the 50" gantry with the Z axis installed weighs about 250lbs.

When deciding on a machine size to build keep in mind that the build sizes given are the cutting sizes. The actual machine footprint will be larger.

Click the images the left and place the mouse in the center for cost estimates of each build size.


Parts Bundles

While there is not a complete kit available for the various builds. There are extensive parts bundles available from a couple vendors. The sources for these bundles as well as a bill of materials list for all the components. The bill of materials includes sources, part numbers and in many cases direct links to the actual part. 

KRMx02 in Action