Early Plasma Experiments

KRMx02 18" x 14" Build Plasma Conversion

A couple years ago I converted one of my smaller KRMx02 machines into a CNC Plasma cutter.

This was done to do some early experiments to help me design a full size KRMx02 plasma CNC conversion.


The machine worked great, and I cut many parts for my various other projects.

Shown here is a fixture I made for cutting features into steel angle.

While the machine cut beautifully it had one major flaw, the cutting area was under  18" x 11".

You can see my write-up on the early experiments here:

KRMx02 Plasma Experiments


CNC Construction Set

I learned a lot from the early plasma experiments I conducted.  I wanted to design a smaller machine with a little more cutting area.

I ended up with the machine shown here. It has a 15" x 25" cutting area, and features a capacitance THC.


The Next Step

Shown here is a 30" x 27" KRmx02 build (foreground)

Its my goal here to convert this machine into Plasma cutter but still retain the ability to utilize the full routing capabilities of the machine.