The slat support beams are used to hold a piece of steel angle that is used to support the slats that make the plasma cutting surface.

The beams are made from 3030 extrusion and fits between the front and rear cross beams.

AS you can see here I add several carriage bolts for adding the steel angle as well as extras I might need in the future.

The beam is slid into place from the under side of the Y beam assembly. The two carriage bolts on the top fit into two of the holes left by the removal of the center cross beam.


Securing the Beams

Each slat support beam is secured by two bolts on the top.

Two angle brackets on the outside corners.

A 3" x 3" x 3/16" piece of steel on the two ends.



With the two supports in-place, I can now work on the modular table and slats.