The KRMx02 already has high sides that keep a lot of the swarf out of the shop.  Sometimes you just want to contain those little shavings a little more.  


Shield #1

This a little swarf shielding I did when I first started this series.

It is just a series of objects that I placed on my table to block the chips when they are cut.

It worked fine enough, until I started clearing the chips with compressed air.


Shield #2

This is the first real swarf shield I created.

It is simply 1/4" foam board held together with some 3D printed corner brackets.

It worked well enough as a proof of concept, so I decided to use the same design on a more durable shield.


The KRMx02 swarf shield is born.

It is bade from 1/4" corrugated plastic.

The long sides of the shield sits down in the grooves of my table top. The cross pieces sit on top. 

I'm still holding the shield together with small corner braces/brackets that I 3D printed.

In order to make the holes for the brackets, I just used some blue tape to hold the shield together.

I then positioned the bracket in place and marked the hole with a marker.

The front is a little lower to allow access stock removal.  It also allows better camera access in my case.

You can leave the side bolts out of the front, as shown here.

This allows you to completly remove the front for even better access.

One problem I had with the previous shield was that the compressed air would blow chips through the grooves in the table.

For this version I created a foam gasket that is hot glued to the back shield component.

It has little tabs that fit perfectly inside the grooves.  This keeps both swarf and any exxcess fluid from blowing out the back of the CNC.


All in all, I am very happy with this version of the swarf shield. After I play with it for a while, I will revisit any design changes for the next version.

Note that, these can be made to any size.  This one is a little longger than I will probably use, but does allow me to add a drip tray for my mister system.