You will need the following tools to complete this project:

  • Scissors

  • 7/64" Drill bit

  • 5/32" Drill bit

  • 7/32" Drill bit

  • 3/8" Drill bit

  • 5/8" Drill bit

  • 10-32 Tap

  • 6-32 Tap

  • Metal File

  • Punch

In addition you will need some cutting oil and painters tape

Support Files

Drawing Files: I am providing these files for convenience only. They are exports from Vcarve Pro.

Template: Printable layout template (Version 1.1 Easier to Print)


Step 1

In addition to the tools, you will need a 5" x 5.5" x 1/2" piece of aluminum stock, like the one shown here.

You will also need to print the Z-Plate template. Once printed cut out the template.

The stock can be purchased from online metals, but I will also provide a piece of stock that will have better cuts.


Step 2

Use blue painters tape, and attach the template to the stock as shown here.

The actual placement of the template on the stock has a lot of latitude. It's the relationship of the actual holes to one-another that is important.


Step 3

With an auto-punch, mark each hole location.


Step 4

Using a 7/64" drill bit, drill a pilot hole in each of the marks you just made.

The stock with the 14 pilot holes should look like the one shown here.


Step 5

Using a 5/32" drill bit, enlarge the four holes marked with 5/32" on the template.

Later these holes will be tapped with a 10-32 tap.


Step 6

Using a 7/32" drill bit, enlarge the holes marked 7/32". Also enlarge the holes marked 3/8". Enlarging the 3/8” marked holes will make them easier to drill later.


Step 7

Using a 3/8" drill bit, enlarge the holes marked 3/8"


Step 8

Once all the holes are drill counter sink the holes slightly with a larger drill bit.  Here I am using a 5/8" drill bit to do this. Be sure to hit both sides of the hole.

It is recommended that this step is done on the 3/8" holes to keep the shoulders on the mounting screws from hitting the plate when in stalled. The other holes are optional.


Step 9

Use a metal file to clean the cut edges of the stock. This is an optional step.


Step 10

Use a 10-32 tap to tap the four holes marked 5/32"

When tapping holes be very careful, as a broken tap will ruin the part. Use oil when tapping, and withdraw every turn or so to remove debris.


Step 11

Use a 6-32 tap to tap the two holes marked 7/64"


Step 12

To create a brushed finish, hit all sides of the completed part with an orbital sander and 200 grit paper. This step is completely optional.


Completed Z-plate

This completes the Z-plate.  Follow the instructions in the KRMx02 workbook for installation.