The Kronos Flyer is a QuadCopter project that started as a series of articles for Servo Magazine starting in November 2012. These pages represent upgrades and additional information in regard to that project. The information presented here is presented as different point of view than those in the articles. This way you can benefit from both the written articles and these pages.

Kronos Flyer V3 basic.jpg

Kronos Flyer Specifications

  • Width: 17" (431mm)
  • Weight: 1100g (includes battery, controller and receiver)
  • Primary Controller: NAZA
  • Flight Time: 6-8 minutes using 2200mAh 3S battery.
  • Motors/Props/ESC specifics can be found here.


The Design

Much thought has gone into the design of the Kronos Flyer. This design is not only very simple to build, It's simple to repair, and with a NAZA controller is the most stable Quad Copter I have ever flown. It is a great copter to learn on and will be perfect robotic upgrades in the future. The basic design consists of four aluminum booms sandwiched between layers of 1/8" hobby ply. Motors are mounted on the ends of the booms and all the electronics on the center platforms.

The Parts You Will Need

I have dedicated a complete web page to this as I wanted to add alternate components.





I added a GPS and camera to the Kronos Flyer.


I stuck a GoPro on the Kronos Flyer and took it for a spin today. I took it to about 400 feet. Without a GPS to hold the craft in place this can risk your craft as the wind can make the craft drift and orientation can be difficult when it is so high.