K2CNC no longer sells a Makita RF1101 spindle mount. However, with the following adapter you can mount your Makita on the K2CNC Porter Cable 892 router mount.

The adapters shown below are made from high temperature ABS. They wont break or flex once installed. They adapt the Makita 3.23" spindle to the PC892 3.5"


Makita Adapter Set

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Available in White, Red, and Black

Available in White, Red, and Black

To use the rings, simply slip them into the holes on the router mount as shown below. There is a small lip that keeps them from slipping through the hole. Align the slit with the right opening. There is also a small indent on the lip to help clear the AirExchanger mounting bolt.

The router is then inserted all the way until it comes in contact with the top adapter, as shown below. Tighten the spindle clamps.

Please note that the adapters electrically isolate your router from your machines frame.  If you plan on using a touch probe, you will need to run a small wire from the frame of the router to the K2CNC mount.