In this section I am going to connect this MPG 6 axis pendant to the MASSO.

This pendant is available from CNC4PC here:

MPG4 6 Axis Pendant

In addition to the pendant, an interface card is also needed.

This card is also available from CNC4PC here:

C75 Pendant interface for HTG


Wiring the Pendant

The MPG4 pendant comes without a connector and must be wired to a DB25 connector.

The connector needed is a DB25 male.

A DB25 hood is also recomended.

CNC4PC has a wiring diagram that is used for the pendants that they sell.  However, I had to make a couple changes to get the pendant to function properly.

Note that the Item number shown here is the pin number on the DB25 connector.

To help with the soldering, I used a helping hand stand to hold the DB25 connector.

Once all the wires have been connected, I add the DB25 hood restraint clamp. The clamp was too large to hold the wires, so I added some tape to the wires.


Disabling the Enable Button

The MPG4 pendant has an enable switch that must be pushed in order for the selectors to function. 

If your shop does not require this safety feature you can disable the button, by moving the wires on the NO contacts to the NC contacts, as shown here.



The MASSO supports a pendant with an Estop, but when wired up and connected to the C75 board, the pendant Estop signal was permanently high if external Estops were used.

I have Estops mounted on the KRMx02 so left the pendant Estop disconnected.



The pendant has three resolutions.

X1 moves .0005 per click

X10 moves .001 per click

X100 moves .01 per click

Note that the MASSO has a tendency to add an extra step on the X10 and X1 resolutions.  More so with the X1.

You wont be doing any jogging or milling with the pendant, but i may help you fine tune the tools position.