The VFD I am going to be connecting to the MASSO is what I call the Type 2 HY02D223B VFD.  Even though it goes by the same part number, it is pretty obvious it is not a genuine Huanyang HY02D223B VFD.

The fact that it is not a genuine Huanyang VFD, should not keep you from purchasing one. They work just as good at the genuine ones and are cheaper.

This particulare one can be purchased from Amazon for a little over $100.

Amazon HY02D223B Type 2 VFD

I have a write-up on connecting one of these to a G540 and Mach 3 here:

HY02D223B VFD Type 2


Mounting the VFD

I start by mounting 4 of my KR Universal Long DIN Rail brackets.

The VFD is only attached with the rear mounting lugs, as shown.

The front two brackets are only for support.


Powering the VFD

To power the VFD, I connect the two line wires to the R and T terminals.  The ground is connected to the ground terminal.

For a more detailed description of the wiring of the power and spindle to this VFD, please refer to this write-up.

HY02D223B VFD Type 2


Setting Parameters

Before moving forward, you need to make sure some of the parameters are setup properly before connecting the spindle.  Failure to do so could burn up your spindle.

How to Edit a Parameter

To edit one or more parameters, start by hitting the SET button.  You will be presented with a Pn xx display like the one shown here.

You change the actual parameter number you want to edit by using the up/down arrows. Here I changed the parameter number to Pn 02.

Note that you can use the JOG buttons to move the digit you will be affecting with the arrow keys.

To edit a parameter hit the SET button. You will be presented with the value of the parameter you selected.  In this case, parameter Pn 02 has a value of 400.00 as shown here.

To change the value, use the up/downarrows. Remember you can use the JOG buttons to change the digit you want to edit.

To apply the new value, hit the SET button again. The new value will be saved and you will be taken to the next parameter.  In this case, we moved to parameter Pn 03.


Initial VFD Parameters for the MASSO

  • Pn 01=24000
  • Pn 02=400
  • Pn 03=4
  • Pn 04=2
  • Pn 05=3
  • Pn 12=400


Wiring the MASSO to the VFD

Make the following connections between the MASSO and the VFD.

  • MASSO Spindle 1 to VFD 10V IN
  • MASSO Spindle 4 to MASSO Spindle 6
  • MASSO Spindle 4 to VFD GND
  • MASSO Spindle 5 to VFD FWD
  • MASSO Spindle 7 to VFD REV

In addition you need to wire the VFD GND terminal to your Ground terminal block.


    Configuring the MASSO

    Configuring the MASSO is pretty easy. Just bring up the Spindle form and make sure VFD is selected.  Set the spindle speed at 10 colts field to 24000.  You can tweak this a little by adding or removing a little from the setting.

    Add to the setting to lower the speed a little. Subtract from the setting to raise the speed.


    Testing the VFD

    Bring up the MDI Command form and type in S5000 and hit enter.  This sets the speed you want the VFD to run.

    Then type in M3 and hit enter. This starts the spindle.

    Your spindle shout start and be running ClockWise (as looking down from the cable end of the spindle).


    Reversing the Spindle

    When you start the spindle with the M3 command, if the spindle is not rotating in the clockwise direction, you will need to reverse two of the leads on the spindle cable as shown here.

    This is what happens when the spindle rotation is reveresed.


    Got it now

    Here is the KRMx02, MASSO and my air cooled VFD doing some simple cuts in aluminum.