In this section I will show you how to connect the MASSO to your KRmc01 Spindle controller.

It is assumed you have the KRmc01 Spindle Control workbook.




Install and wire the the speed controller interface board as instructed in the KRmc01 Spindle Control workbook.

Wire a terminal block with the spindle control cable as shown here.

I have shown the connection numbers that correspond with the connections on the spindle control board.


Configure the MASSO

Invert the signal on the MASSO CW Spindle output.

Set the spindle parameters as shown here:


Wire Spindle Start Signal

Connect pin 2 on the spindle terminal block to the port 7 on the spindle control cable.



Prepare Voltage Devider

The MASSO outputs an analog 0-10v to control the spindle.  The downside is that the spindle control board requires a 0-5v signal.

For this reason you must create a voltage divider.

Start by twisting the leads of two 4.7K resistors together as shown here:

Attach a yellow wire and a black wire as shown.


Wire the Voltage Devider

Connect the divider to ports 8 and 4 of the spindle control cable.

Port 8 - Two connected resistor pins

Port 4 - Resistor with black wire

Connect the yellow wire to pin 1 on the MASSO spindle control terminal block.

Connect the black wire to the ground terminal blocks.



Bring up the MDI command dialog and type in S500 and hit enter.

Type in M3 and hit enter.

The spindle on the KRmc01 should start running at 500RPM.



The spindle CW inversion that was added earlyer, does not take effect until after the MASSO goes through a Estop cycle.  For this reason the spindle will try to start, but since the speed defaults to zero, the spindle just bumps a little.

You could add a relay to invert the spindle CW signal as I did on the KRMx02 and SuperPID or you can power up the MASSO before you power up the mill.