MF70 Break-in Video

In this video I am using a dedicated PC with parallel port to talk directly with the SainSmart controller.


Surface Pro 2 Controlling CNC

Here I am using a Surface Pro 2 tablet connected to a SmoothStepper and G540 controller.


Marker Test

I often use a marker attachment to do initial testing on a new CNC build. 

It will save you many broken bits.


Frist Cuts

I like to use a softer material like this hobby plywood for my first few cuts.


Cutting CPVC

Here I make the first cuts, but just shy of the final dimension by about .005"

Next I do a full depth cut removing the remaining .005" of stock.



MF70 Cutting Cube

A little cube project I did to test out the CNC.


MF70 Cutting Plastic

A little project I wanted to try.