This is a small table that will allow you to set an Oneida mini cyclone on top of a Fein or simmilar dust collector. The design will keep the cyclone from tipping and save floor space.


This table was made from some scrap particle board. The G-code provided on this page is setup for 3/4" material. The actual drawing and CAM files are available on KRMx02 DVD.

Step 1 - Cut the Parts

Using the included G-code cut three leg parts, and top. You should use a 1/4" strait bit for all the parts.

The legs are cut from a piece of stock 29" tall by 9" wide. The top is cut from a piece of stock 17" x 17". Notice the orientation of the pieces shown below. That is how the stock should be positioned on your table. The KRMx02 CNC is referenced with zero at the lower left corner of the CNC.


Step 2 - Clean the Edges

Using a 1/4" round over bit clean all the edges. Don't clean inside of the slots on any of the parts. It is important that you use a 1/4" round over bit to ensure the top portion of the leg is properly shaped to fit the mortise cut into the top.


Step 3 - Sand the parts

Lightly sand all surfaces.


Step 4 - Assemble

Assemble the legs to the top by tapping them into place. They should be a little tight. Sanding the surface near the notch on both parts will loosen the joint. Apply yellow glue to the joint once you are happy with the fit.




Short Instructional Video.

Here its being cut with a KRMx01 CNC.

The G-code for the project can be found here.

If you want access to the CAM file or 2D drawings, they are available on the the KRMx02 Companion DVD.