Flying Robotic Modular Platform

The FRMP is a set of modular components designed to build a quad or hex multirotor craft. These components are especially suitable for building a robotic or drone craft.

Universal NAZA Mount

The Universal NAZA Mount (UNM) allows you to switch your NAZA/GPS and receiver from model to model very easily. If you purchased a NAZA and GPS unit, you probabably paid over $450 for the set. With the UNM you can leverage your purchase with all your multi-rotor models.

Kronos Flyer

The Kronos Flyer is a QuadCopter project that started as a series of articles for Servo Magazine starting in November 2012. These pages represent upgrades and additional information in regard to that project. The information presented here is presented as different point of view than those in the articles. This way you can benefit from both the written articles and these pages.