After my conversion I added the Spindle Control and removed the original control box. I decided to mount some accessory plates so I can mount various items to expand the use of my CNC.


Right Plate

I added a piece of 8020 1030 to the right side of my milling head. This allows me to attach many different accessories to the head. In this case it's a post for my tapping head bar stop, It will be used to hold misting tubes, and chip shrouds in the future.

Accessory Plate.jpg

Here I added a mount to hold small high speed rotary grinders. This will allow me to do isolation routing on PCB boards.


Left Plate

For the left plate I added a sold piece of aluminum that has threaded holes 1/2" on center so I can mount extrusion in different locations. I can mount the extrusion horizontal or vertical.



Making the Left Plate