Setting up the NAZA

In addition to the NAZA setup instructions shown in the Servo Magazine February 2013 magazine article, here are the settings required to configure the NAZA. You will need to install the NAZA software and USB driver. They both can be found on the DJI web site. Your Kronos Flyer will need to be powered. Connect your USB cable to the computer and the VU on the NAZA.


These are for the original NAZA M controller in V1 configuration.  They are not directly comparable with the V2 software. You will have to perform your own translation to the newer software screens.


Screen 1 - Mounting

This one is pretty simple. Mount your NAZA dead center. If you have the GPS option calculate its distance from the center of the craft and enter them into the GPS fieds shown. If you are using the UNM then the settings will be 0,0,0.


Screen 2 - Motor Mixer

Select the Quad-rotor X option and set the Motor Idle Speed to low.


Screen 3 - Radio Calibration

Step 1:

Turn on your radio.

Step 2:

Hit the Start button.

Step 3:

Move the sticks to thier extents.

Step 4:

Stop the calibrations.


Please note that I have settings for the Futaba 8FG Super radio and the Tunigy 9X. They can both be found on this web site. If, after calibrating the radio the command stick center positions don't line up in the center (Show Green), You may have to adjust your sub trim and calibrate again.


Screen 4 - Stabilization Settings

Center your trim and knob controls on your radio and set the fields on your radio to the settings shown below.


Screen 5 - Gimbal Setup

Not using this option so make sure it is off. You can enable it later if you decide to add a gimbal.


Screen 6 - Voltage Monitor

These are the settings I use. They are a little hard on the battery so you may want to tweak them a little. Note that I always use an external battery monitor as well.