This is my third pass at the frame I will use for this build. 

The frame itself is 48" x 48". and allows for linear motion rails up to 44" long.  This can easily provide a cutting area of 36" x 36"

I'm planing on a enclosing the bottom of the frame in order to provide a downdraft system for the plasma dust and fumes.

Please note that these are prototype notes. This document will not contain the detail that will be available in the book once published.


The components are available locally.

  • Legs: 4, 2" x 36" steel angle
  • Top: 4, 2" x 48" steel angle
  • Braces: 8, 1" x 16-7/8" steel angle

The 48" and 36" steel angle are available pre-cut from most home centers.

The 16-78" braces will have to be cut to length.


At each corner the three angles are attached as using a two point contact.  This means that each angle is connected to one other component forming a very strong joint.

Two braces are added to each leg for further support.

The holes are all 5/16" and secured with 1/4" hardware.  This allows a little leeway in creating the holes and allows for adjustments.


I lowered the front and back frame components shown here.  This will allow better containment of the debris created by routing or plasma cutting.  I also add two additional braces to each side to further stiffen the frame.