In this section I am going to mount the MASSO and power it up.

Finely, I will install the latest firmware on the MASSO.


Mounting the MASSO

I mounted the MASSO on the left side of my DIN rail proto board, as shown here.

The gives me room in front and behind the MASSO.  Later I have some small relay boards that need to be mounted and the rail between the MASSO and the G540 is perfect.

The MASSO has DIN rail clips on its bottom so it simply snaps into place.


Powering the MASSO

To power the MASSO I run wire between my ground terminal blocks and pin 2 of the power connector.

I also run a wire between the 12V terminal blocks and pin 1 of the power connector.

MASSO Power Hookup


Powering Up The MASSO

At this point we can fire up the MASSO for the first time.

You will need a USB keyboard and VGA monitor.  Plug them in to the locations shown here and power up the system.

If a fee seconds you will be presented with a login prompt.  The default password is "HTG".

Note that the MASSO will be in an EStop state as we have not yet connected an EStop switch yet.


Upgrading the Firmware

Before you do anything you will need to update your MASSO.

The MASSO ships with an early 3 Axis firmware installed. Hind Technology will email you the latest Firmware for the correct number of Axis that you have purchased.

Simply take the file that they send you and place it on a thumb drive.

Insert the thumb drive as shown here and cycle the power.

The MASSO will detect the firmware on the thumb drive and install it.  When the progress bar reaches 100%, cycle the power one more time.

You can get more information about the upgrade process here:

Upgrading the MASSO