It's that time of the year when evening dinner parties have moved outside.

I have some small bottle based Tiki torches that I have made but wanted something a little less prone to tipping.

I created these angled holders that are cut out on the CNC. They allow for a safer height and are angled away from the deck.

The torch holders are made from a green treated fence plank available at most home centers. These four planks were cut from a single piece and cost me only $1.64.

They each measure 5-3/4" wide by 14" tall. They are about .69" thick.  Keep this in mind if you choose to use some other stock.


The Design

I used CorelDraw to create the shapes. They were designed to be cut out of a 5-3/4" x 14" piece of stock.

Get the drawing files here:

Tiki Mount Drawing Files

The shapes were exported as EPS and imported into VcarvePro and the tool paths were added.

I set the depth of cut to 1/8" and the speed to 75 IPM.  I'm running the router around 24000 RPM.  

These settings gave me the bust cut for this green wood and required less cleanup.

I then exported the Gcode.


Cut the Parts

I cut the parts out using the KRMx02 CNC. 

I'm using a 1/4" 2 flute spiral bit.

At 75 IPM you need to make sure your clamps are nice and tight.

If you decide to slow the cutting speed down, be sure to reduce the router RPM.

Once the parts are cut on the CNC, you can give them a rough sanding.

You will need to cut the lower support off. I marked mine at 4". This gave the torch the angle shown above. A longer cut will yield a shallower angle.



You will need to drill pilot holes where the upper and lower guides are attached to the main support.

Make sure you drill the pilot holes from the bottom of the lower guide, as shown.

Transfer the pilot holes to the main support by holding the guide in-place over the s

Add some external grade glue to the end of the main support then screw the guide in place. 

I start with the upper (long) guide, as it helps support the assembly when you attach the lower guild.

The guides are secured with two deck screws, as shown here.

The final assembly should look like the one shown here.


To install the torch mounts, use two deck screws and attach them to a rail or post as shown here.


Insert Torch and Have Fun


Closing Thoughts

The small pocket in the lower guide has a drain hole.  This can be enlarged to better hold the bottom of the torch in-place.

If you are using the KRMx02 CNC, you can use this Gcode file as long as you are using the same stock.

KRMx02 Tiki Gcode File