I have tried many flight controllers but my NAZA is by far my favorite. It can however be a challenge to get your radio configured properly to utilize all the functionality of the NAZA.

Basic radio compatibility with the NAZA can be somewhat problematic, since the NAZA software does not let you configure the control positions on the control inputs. They rely on your radio to support this. Because of this many radios just will not work with the NAZA. The Turnigy 9X V2 radio is by far the best bang for your buck when it comes to a sophisticated radio. It can however be a bear to setup.

The following are the settings I use with my NAZA controllers.


Pitch Curve 1

Pitch Curve 2

Pitch Curve 3

End Points


You will need to calibrate and trim your transmitter using the NAZA software. One done, use your subtrim menu to center the Rudder, Elevator and Ailerons.

The gear end points are set to control the IOC functions. If the end points I have chosen don't work for you , you can adjust them while in the AutoPilot form of the NAZA software.

The Pitch curve settings are used to control the three positions of the Control Mode switch. Again if my settings don't work. Its best to place the throttle in the zero position and adjust the 0% setting to select the control mode of your choice. Once you are happy with each mode, go back and duplicate the % settings for each entry, as I have done.

You can also use the NAZA software to assign the knob to any of the gain setttings, as well as the gimbal

The lack of two three position switches means that you must give up some functionality. The above settings I give up the home lock function. You can adjust the gear end point if you want this functionality.