After installing the software, the next step is to install a motion controller and licence.

Once the UCCNC licence has been purchased, you will receive a licence file via email that is keyed to the UC100 you also purchased.  Copy this file into the directory where you installed the UCCNC software.


The UC100 comes with a connector/controller and a cable.

You can purchase the UC100 here:

UC100 Motion Controller

Plug the cable into the controller as shown here.

Plug the other end into a USB port on your computer.  Once the UC100 is connected to the computer, it will search for the driver. In most cases it will locate the driver (included with the UCCNC software install) and you will be prompted that your UC100 is ready to use.

If the driver does not get installed, dont panic.  Just open the UC100 entry in the device manager and do a driver update.

Select the browse for driver option and point to the UCCNC installation directory. 

That's it.  Its time to do some specific machine configurations.