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What is the Universal NAZA Mount?

The Universal NAZA Mount (UNM) allows you to switch your NAZA/GPS and receiver from model to model very easily. If you purchased a NAZA and GPS unit, you probabably paid over $450 for the set. With the UNM you can leverage your purchase with all your multi-rotor models.

The UNM platform parts are cut from CPVC. CPVC is very light and flexible enoguh that it wont crack at your first hard landing. An assembled UNM with GPS platform weighs about 21g (not including NAZA and receiver).

In order to make the UNM available at a reasonable price, I offer a platform parts kit, that only contains the platform parts only, shown here:

You supply the hardware. Nylon or aluminum is recommended.

Recomended Hardware

3, #6-32 x 7/16 Nylon Machine Screw
3, #6-32 Nylon Hex Nut
6, #6-32 Nylon Acorn Nut
3, #6-32 x 1-1/4" Nylon Standoff
3, #6-32 x 3/4" Nylon Standoff

Other Items Needed

If you can source your own hardware you can save by purchasing the mounting components only.

They are available here:

UNM Mounting Components Only

If you are unable to source your own hardware, you can purchase the mount and hardware bundle. This kit comes with the recommended nylon hardware.

These are available here:

UNM Bundle

Both kits come with a small guide that makes it very easy to install the NAZA dead center of the mount.


Making the UNM

This is the KRMx02 CNC making the UNM mounts.


Create Different Configurations

One set can create multiple configurations. Two sets can create even more.

UNMconfig 2.jpg
UNMconfig 3.jpg
UNMconfig 4.jpg

The UNM Assembly Instructions can be found here:

UNM Assembly


UNM Gallery

Here are just a few of the craft I fly regularly using a UNM.